Alarm Goin Off Mysteriously

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I drive a 1999 mondeo 1.8 lx and when I lock my car and head into work I gettin called out to car park at least twice a day to turn alarm off, thing is all the doors r closed and there is nothin I can see wrong.. so im wondering if there is a sensor somewhere in the door that isnt workin properly and is there a way that I can turn it off ie can I turn the sensor off through a diagnostic machine or has anyone any ideas as to what to do as im scrapping the car in 2 months and am not spending money on fixing anything on car! Any suggestion appreciated

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Hello Darrell. I had a Galaxy that did the same thing. After leaving it unlocked for about 18 months (yeah, I know!!) I finally looked at my handbook and it said something like...'to lock the car without arming the alarm put the key into the lock, turn left to lock then very quickly back to the upright position then quarter turn left back to the lock position'. This worked great on ours until we sold it!! Give it a try,


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