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Mk 2 05 Boot Leak - Bumper Bolt Sealed - Back Left Corner Behind Bumper. What Can Leak There?

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Hi everyone, long time lurker here.

Right I've had a leak in the boot from multiple places. Spoiler, hinges, lights, bumper bolt. These are fixed with the exception of right behind the bumper in the far left had corner. I have sealed up right around the bolt hole that is accessible when you lift the tailgate and I'm quite sure this isn't leaking. If I spray water behind where the back of the wheel arch meets the bumper I can hear water trickling in and then a good pool of water drains down the boot channel.

Is it possible the bolt hole in the wheelarch is leaking into the boot? I'm guessing not?

What else could be leaking behind there?

Getting the bumper off myself is going to be a pain in the !Removed! due to where I live and being on my own so trying to avoid having to. So this is last chance saloon to try and solve it before I go to a garage.

I want to say thanks to Arthur as your posts have been helpful when solving leaks on various threads and to who it was that created the guide for treating wheelarch rust prevention.


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in some cases the seam sealer can either split or be missing from the area you described usually if you open the boot youll see there are 2 visible bolts that hold the bumper on these can be undone and sealant applid to these to rule those out should the leak still persist you may have to remove the top part of the rear bumper i think it may be possible to just undo the top bolts to gain access without the need to remove everything im sure there are 2 behind the arch liner 1 either side and the 2 centre bolts

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The bolts in the wheel arch don't go through the inner body so can't leak.

More likely it's the vents behind the sides of the bumper.

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I had a similar leak to this, very frustrating!

I eventually found that the water was leaking from the channels in the roof and tracking down through all the double skinned panels in the rear quarter making it seem that the leak was coming from further down in the boot.

I cured it by gently peeling back the black plastic cover from this channel. It reveals a seam where the roof and side panel are welded together and should have a thick layer of seam sealer over the joint that is painter the body colour. Once I prodded this sealer it was not stuck down properly, so I removed it and replaced it with new seam sealer. The seam sealer also acts as an adhesive to stick the plastic trim back down.

And no more leak!

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I really do appreciate the replies.

I'll have another good look behind the bumper and go crazy with the sealant.

When it comes to the vent flaps are they really obvious in their location? Do they have foam stuck over them? I think I must have missed them so better look again.

Cheers for the reminder regards the luggage track leaking but on mine that seems to be the only place it hasn't leaked!

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2003, 1.6

Got exactly the same problem except I've had the bumper off and there isn't anywhere the water can get in!

There are vents in the right places so these are the obvious culprits but the water doesn't seem to be getting in through these because they stay dry on the inside.

I pour water over a bit at a time and it leaks with the bumper on but not with it off, but it's not legal to leave it off!

Yes, checked the light cluster, tailgate hinges, quarter lights, etc, so if you find out then let me know pls!

I've had this leak for over a year and investigated many times so getting fed up!


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