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Mk2 Zetec 1.6 Roof Leak Into Centre Front Interior


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I'm quite new to the forum so I hope I've posted this in the right place. I purchased a mk2 1.6 Zetec Focus last August and was very happy with the purchase. The cars awesome and I don't want to get rid of it if I can help it! However it has a roof leaking issue that I'm hoping some of you on here can help shed some light as I'm not an expert on cars.

When it rains or when I go through a car wash, water leaks through the front centre of the interior. It comes out between the roof lining and windscreen in the centre and either drops directly down onto the gearstick or trickles down the inside of the front windscreen. If it rains overnight this water can cause the car to mist up, and it's been a particular problem in winter when the windscreen has frozen from the inside as well as on the outside!

I initially thought it was the radio aerial on the roof, so I took this off and sealed it and put it back on. I've also checked the windscreen seal and this is not cracked, and I have poured water over the windscreen seal and it does not come through to the inside.

I don't know whether it would be related or not, but I also had a leak into my engine bay of rainwater, as it sat in the bay where my sparks are. My dad has since fitted a plastic cover to stop the sparks from getting wet - I checked the windscreen washer pipes etc. but could not find the leak. I believe this is totally separate from the roof leak but thought I would mention it just in case. Since the plastic covers been fitted water is redirected away from the engine so I think I've solved that one. Anyway....

I've read a lot on the internet about water leaks into the boot and the rear footwells, but I don't have this problem. I don't know whether the source of these leaks may be relevant in these cases, but I can't see how water can travel that far as my car is parked on level ground. I have also searched these forums but found nothing similar to the problem I have. I could take it to a garage but I fear they would have a field day if I told them I had a leak and I don't know how to fix it.

Any help or advise is greatly appreciated so thanks in advance.

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