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Ford Ka Phone Interference With Speakers


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Recently bought an 03 plate KA, and when the radio is on my phone interferes with the radio. This is just about bearable but I have a few old cassettes which I like playing, and when these are playing the interference is dreadful! Does anyone else have similar problems? Or could it be to do with the black box I've got fitted in my car? and if so is there any simple rewiring i can do to help fix the problem? Thanks in advance

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I'm not sure that there is an easy and quick answer that i can give you, but...

Are you saying that you get the typical phone '...click, clicky, click...' noise when the radio is playing and you get some different noise when you are playing a cassette?

Quite often, if you shift the position of the phone in the car the interference gets more and less significant. If you could find the position where the interference is at its least, that might help (enough?).

When you say that you have a 'black box', could you explain a little further, please; is this an insurance sponsored 'spy-in-the-cab' thing?

is there any simple rewiring i can do to help fix the problem?

The trouble with this is often very much a case-by-case thing; You can often come up with simple fixes, but coming up with the fix that works is the bit that is difficult (although, if I had to have a wag at this, it would be to add an in-line ferrite in the power feed to the head unit, or maybe doing something about the speaker leads, if the 'phone-near-the-speaker-lead' seems to be the problem).

Err, what is your level of experience with this kind of thing and electronics in general?

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