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Airbag And Seatbelt Warning Light


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Hi all I've been searching deep corners of the internet and have had no luck for this issue.

10 plate focus 1.6 zetec (100) 

I was driving along one day no problems and have had no problems at all before. dropped of my mate at his house and grabbed something out of my boot at the same time, then pulled off and about 20 yards later both the airbag and seatbelt warning light came on...

over the next 2-4 days it was intermittent, then it became permanent for the last 2 weeks to date. When intermittent it sometimes was not on at all, other times it came on part way through the (short) journey, or it was on straight away and turning the engine off then back on didn't get rid of it.

I did the ford built in diagnostics check I've borrowed one of my mates cheap as chips bluetooth OBD readerand found these codes:-

ObdU1900 - CAN Communication Bus FaultU2023 Abnormal message from PCMFord onboard test:Dtc #01 D900 

I tried to reset them but couldn't.

the only other thing I have tried is disconnecting the battery for the car for about an hour or so (turning it off the on again idea)

does anyone know what it could be?

I would like to repair it myself (I'm great with repairing electronic side of things, it's part of my job).



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DTC codes starting with U---- indicate communication problems between the different control modules of the car.

U1900 – CAN communication bus fault.

U2023 - vehicle communication bus error.

Both DTC codes can be caused by various problems. In your case it may point one of the following problems:

* A defective RCM (Restraints Control Module) which controls the airbags and seatbelts.

* Defective wiring or a bad connection of the RCM.

* Defective instrument cluster. The Focus MK2/MK2.5 instrument clusters are known to have bad soldering connections of the circuit board. These bad soldering connections can result in a number of different DTC codes including the ones posted above.

Note that some diagnostic systems may also cause DTC communication codes. On some diagnostic systems the U1900 code shows up after reading/erasing codes. If this is the case the code can be ignored.

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Try the connectors under the passenger seat every time I move my passenger seat as forward as poss together large items in the back the airbag warning comes on all I do is switch off and just push on the connectors and the light goes out and stays out till the next time the seat is moved forward all the way try it and see

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