Where Can I Find A Rear Single Seatbelt Buckle

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Ford Focus MK1, 2005 reg (built 04/inbetween model). 3 Door. On the back seat theres a double buckle, the rear driver side and middle seat.

Then a single buckle, rear passenger side. This is sticking, and getting to the point when its pushed in it wont spring out. I've oiled it, and tried to get it springing again but its just not.

Theres loads of the double buckles on ebay, but i cant find a single one ?

Can the double ones be taken apart ?


(Update: After searching about it appears you need to remove the entire seat because that seat buckle is built into the seat.Cant say im over moon with the MOT due in a couple of weeks.)

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When I couldn't find a single when I fitted my recaros I was going to cut the double to make a single but found a single out of an st for the rear near side now the rear offside is still a double in a single slot all I,ve done is fold the other half under the the seat problem solved .

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