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Standard Focus To Be Changed!

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Hello All,

here is my 2002 ford focus zetec in silver!


FSH this includes every receipt for everything done to the car

engine all good and clutch!

Radio with code and silver keys


Wing Mirror Damage... This has been repaired now.


Rear Door Damage... Not repaired yet but for the price i paid for it i dont mind (will say price at end)


Front End Damage (post he hit) Repaired Soon...


So for this i only paid £460 Great British pounds! so chuffed i can put up with damage for that price

So after that we start on the mods and changes...

Firstly i ordered a California Cherry air freshner


Then onto this for the stereo...


After fitting the stereo it doesnt sit properly so the fascia doesnt sit flush :/


Any suggestions on sorting this?

Next thing was to fit the new gear knob...


Then matching ash tray, and 12V lighters...


I also have these clocks fitted...


I was wondering if these clocks would fit in as mine rev to 7K but on the black ones they only rev to 5K...


And finally the ford badge on the boot lid as there wasnt one wheni bought it...


But hopefully next upgrade will be...

Foot well lighting,

Interior lights (Xenon)

40mm Springs

new filter make it sound a little better

leather interior out of ghia or ST

Smoked rear lights / side repeaters

then engine bay work out!



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Yes the speedo clock will fit no probs.

I have a cluster lying around that you can have free just donate for postage or collect from west yorks WF13 .your mileage will be wrong . Unless you only change the face. Pm me if interested or leave me your contact number.

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