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Fiesta Zetec 2010 Diesel Mpg Symbol?


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Hi all,

Quite a car novice here, so bear with me :)

I have just bought a Fiesta Zetec 1.4 2010, 40k on the clock. I recently filled the tank which cost about £48. The trip computer said I had less than 500 miles which I found quite disappointing - the last car I had was a Peugeot 207 HDi 1.6 which on a good run, I could get up to 80mpg/700+ miles to the tank. I find that in my Ford, I'm getting at the most about 60-63mpg on a motorway run.

A couple of things I'd like to ask:

  • Could this be related to the size of the tank?
  • I also see an icon/symbol that looks like the National Speed Limit sign when I look at the average MPG and average speed vja the trip computer. What is this?

Any advice/info is appreciated.

Many thanks

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It does only have a small tank but 60mpg is good I would say. My 1.4 petrol does 45mpg (manually calculated).

I would suggest re-setting your computer (set to the miles left or mpg etc and hold in the button to re-set to zero) then see what you get. Bear in mind it is not completely accurate and a manual calculation is always best.

I don't know what the symbol means.

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The estimated miles left are based on how much it thinks is in the tank and what the average mpg has been

You could try resetting the average mpg to see if you can get it higher

Another way to tell your mpg is brim the tank, do so many miles, fill it again and you can work out your actual mpg

I'm sure I've read that some people said the mpg display isn't always that accurate

As for the traffic sign symbol the newer focuses have an optional extra which reads the speed limit signs but I don't think they had this on the mk7 fiestas

Post a picture up and someone might be able to help you, or alternatively it should show you in the manual

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have you read the hand book to see what the symbol means?

could you take a picture and post it on here so we know what we are looking at

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It just means average MPG :)

As for 60-63mpg, that's very good for that engine. I got the same/slightly more out of the 1.6TDCi.

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