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Mk3 Escort - 5 Door Ghia Build Thread

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Right, ive brought a MK3 Escort 5 dr Ghia in Diamond white. Currently running a 1.3 engine.



Its getting preped then re-sprayed at the moment. Once its painted and the re-built engine fitted, it will be a running project whilst other jobs are carried out. :)

Engine re-build, XR3i block and head. I've removed the MFI inlet etc. And have a later twin choke carb and inlet manifold. Currently trying to find a XR3 camshaft and followers, so I can build the head up and fit to the block. Then drop it in the car.

Head with rockers, and cam removed ready to build.


Bottom end checked, then fitted new sump gasket.


Bottom end all painted, need new engine pressure sensor and sump plug.



Rocker cover, oil cap, cam spocket and drive belt pulley re-painted.


Carb serviced, bolt on filter fitted, inlet manifold & thermostat housing painted.


Crank sprocket, drive belt pulley, new water pump, new cam belt fitted.


Wheels given a quick coat of paint and laquer (really need a re-furb as you can see the corrosion, but will have to wait till next year.


Fuse cover cleaned up (was cover in black gue lol)


wiper arms resprayed


Heater box and cover cleaned up



Cam belt cover cleaned and clear coated


All gaskets, seals, belts, pumps, filters etc have been changed in the engine. And will be flushed before use.

New 4 branch manifold is being ordered with full exhaust system. Later parts will include uprated brakes (XR3i front brakes already fitted), suspension, some extra detailing, interior etc

Been a busy 5 days lol

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Not much done today, ordered a new camshaft kit. And picked up a new thermostat, engine pressure switch, and sump plug. :)




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Cool too many fords once restored are tucked away,scared of using them,how do you enjoy the motor if its never used,taking it out on the rare dry sunday in summer is really quite a shame!!! Nice mk3 ghia in white,they look better than the mk4 imo:rolleyes:

Black 55 3.0ghiax,s/steel zorst 57i st spoiler,carbon mirrors,red callipers,black indi's.

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Exactly, got to drive it.....that's what they were built for. :D

Imo the Mk3 has more character, plus my first car was a Mk3 so got a soft spot for them. :D

Got a bargain today, new old stock Ferodo clutch kit £24 at a local parts supplier. :D

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Well the bargain clutch I got is the wrong size needed a 220mm not 200mm as it's a xr3i block. Nevermind lol

On another note, flywheel back from being skimmed.


Camshaft and followers arrived.


Also got a second hand Sportex 4 branch manifold, and straight through system arrived. I'll get some pics when I've cleaned it up. :D

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Thanks mate, some updates may take longer than others due to work and cash flow lol......but will hopefully, be back on the road in June. Then carry on with all the other areas of the car whilst enjoying driving it. :D

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Sportex exhaust all cleaned up and a lick of protective paint. 4 branch manifold and downpipe need welding before painting. :Do



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Totally agree with V6lover Mk3 was tons better than mk4, my Wife use to have a XR3i in red

( like everyone else) cracking car in the day, Glad your restoring it, As I've said on previous threads I love old Ford's especially Granada's , Cortina's , Sierra's etc ..

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Cheers, yeah it's a fun project and nice to work on.....won't look totally original when done but all extras on the outside and interior will be Ford parts. :)

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Few bits done, been a busy week on 24hr call out.

New clutch delivered (right one this time lol)

Rocker cover bolt heads and washers painted.

Manifold welded.


Cleaned and painted with VHT paint.


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Was hoping to have the engine built up today but realised that we didn't have any head bolt washers (don't come with the kit).

Got the new camshaft, followers, valve stem seals, cam seal, and refitted the rockers etc


Also got the clutch fitted.


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Well, got the head on, new dizzy, new spark plugs, new cam belt, thermostat housing with new thermostat, new fuel pump, all with new gaskets. Rocker cover fitted, then fitted the inlet manifold.

Head on.


Getting there.


Then a step backwards, tighten inlet manifold, carb was fowling rocker cover. All looked ok, then ping!



Update on the car.

All prepped.


First coat of primer.


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