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Myth Or Not?

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Lenny? working? really? :p I thought you lived here and worked here :p

on a minor derailment of the topic, Hows your work treating you with your back?

i feel about a welcome as an American troop returning from the Vietnam war jeeb,

Work have accessed my injury and very kindly created a list of daily duties for me to carry out but absolutely no manual labour,

And although i drive to work, well because of the medication I'm not allowed drive any work machinery.

My work mates have disowned me as result of my injury, they no longer see me as a team player because there work load has slightly increased,

One particular colege asks me "are you feeling any better" asks the same question every two hours for the past two weeks :lol: the tablets are great but i can still feel some pain while on them,

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Since our james may aka jeebs brought weight into it. ....surely another factor could be your passengers size...if your driving around a 25stoner surely would jeopardise the springs maybe brakes also if one side outbalances the other? ??????

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Over a very long time perhaps, but the cars are rated to carry / tow a few hundred kilos, braking will be affected and they will have to work slightly harder but the level of wear won't be evident until the discs and pads and pretty much gone on one side, which is still after about 2 years for most people or 15K miles say.

Springs and shocks would be very hard to judge as the left side always wear out quicker ( left side of the lane has the most pot holes etc )

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