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Zetec S Sidelights


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First post here.

I want to upgrade the sidelights/DRL's on my Zetec S (facelift).

I have read the bulbs list which shows the facelift needs H15 bulbs, Can anyone recommend any crisp white or a slightly blue/white for the sidelights? Best I can find with reviews is from: http://www.autobulbsdirect.co.uk/H15-Upgrade-Headlight-Bulb-Kit.html

But the reviews say to use a little bit of aluminium tape to hold it in place?? Is this normal??

If anyone has upgraded theirs, please post a few pics :P


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The sidelights and the DRL's are different bulbs...

The sidelights are 501 / t10 /w5w fitting - loads of options to upgrade, popular option being LED Bulbs.

The DRL's are the same bulb as the main beam, and are the H15 bulb that you are referring to... There are no decent "blue/white" upgrade bulbs currently available that I am aware of. The link you posted is for a blue "cover" that effectively goes around the original bulb - this is supposed to give an effect of a bluer/whiter light, but never tried myself.

By the way, the dipped beam are the H7 bulb, and again there are plenty of "upgrade" options available.

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Do you have the LED DRL's? as said these are the h15s which there are none, Side lights take your pick, thousands out there.

LED DRLs cannot be changed however as they are sealed and non serviceable.

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Nope, Zetec S has yellowish (non-LED) DRL's which are horrible imo, so want to swap them out with something a clear white or possibly blue.

Sounds like the best option is to just change the sidelights and switch them on while driving, would be great to see some pics from fellow Fez owners.

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Yes sorry you cannot change those bulbs at the moment, there are some in production at the moment as only VAG cars currently use them other than Fiestas, will probably be the end of the year.

LED sidelights I had on my old 1.0 were not particularly bright so it's worth looking into, you couldn't tell they were on during the day.

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