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Sqeaking Breaks


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Hi, recently got a 2004 Ford Fiesta Flame -

This week I started to notice that when I released the hand break or

took my foot of the break pedal there is a squeak that happens.

This doesn't happen when the breaks are applied but it does happen

when they are released.

does anyone know what this could be ?

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Sounds like you need to put some copper grease on the back of the pads, helps them to move freely and stops squeaks. You will need to strip down the brakes and remove the pads to do it. If your not confident to do it take it to your local garage they will sort it for you.

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Where is the squeak? is it from the pedal or the wheel? if its the pedal, it could be a case of lubricating the hingle, otherwise as has been said, copper grease on the pads to stop the squeak.

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