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Oil Level Mark??


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ok just was reading article on car oil dipstick levels and it got me wondering. My old fella always fills his cars between the Min and Max marks to allow for oil pressure he says but I used to fill just to the MAX mark. of course we had to agree to disagree lol! although i think he might be right on this one.

so here is the question:

when changing oil and refilling, where do you fill up to?

looking especially for the 1.6 zetec mk2.5 focus and the facelift 2010 1.6 cmax engines but would also like to know from anyone with the diesels and other engine sizes.

I also think the handbook might ref this but i have to check that out later.


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I have a mk2.5 1.6 petrol titanium. When I change the oil I fill to just under the max mark. Not sure if I'm correct in doing this though.

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Ford service and it's up to the max mark, myself it would be half way :-)

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yeah i noticed ford service it up to the max mark. I think i will just fill up to under the max mark a little from now on.


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