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Knocking/thumping Sound - 2013 Ecoboost 1.0L


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Hi all,

For the past three months, I have noticed a sound coming from the engine. I would describe the sound as like bass drum sound, I can actually feel the thumping/knocking through my brake pedal, and it can heard with the radio off. It only happens when im stopped in traffic, when i accelerate it dissapears.

A stranger part is that it wont happen for the first 3 or so miles, and then it will happen until i let the engine cool down/buffer period.

Anyone have anything similar happen?


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If its like a rumbling it could be abs but my dads car had a knocking sound similar on a meganne f1 and we took it to my work over the pit and it was an engine mount so just have a check of them, see if thats any help

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Thanks, yes it sounds like the vibrating/kicking feeling through the brake pedal occurs in-time with the engine if that makes sense?

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