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Knocking Sound

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hi, i have recently had the subframe changed due to being told it was twisted. Before i had it changed the only sign of a problem was a tracking off type feeling. and some quite severe knocking.

when i had the subframe fitting I also had new drop links and anti roll bar bushes fitted.it as also recently had a lower arm fitted.

Now to my problem, the knocking is still there, it seemed to be loads better for a few days and then seemed to start again. It never fully went it was still there on some bumps and when turning left.

what else could it be? everything looks ok underneath and the mechanic that fitted the subframe said all seems fine too. I am thinking possible cv joints but the fact it seemed to be better and then come back it confusing me to be honest lol

I think the knocking is coming from the front passenger side.

i should point out that before i purchased the car it was in some sort of accident and other than the front cross member being bent and sending all the passenger side panels out of alignment everything as now been checked and/or replaced

sorry for the confusing post lol thanks for any help

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First thought would be the strut too mounts but as it had a shunt it could be as simple as a heat shield or a broken engine or gearbox mount the only way to tell is get it on a ramp and tug and pull on everything the fact it occurs when turning suggests a strut top mount a bent driveshaft ide go for the strut myself

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the strut on the passenger side as been changed i forgot to mention that in my original post. i am going to have a look next weekend and see what i can get to move underneath but it still bugs me how it was fine for a few days and then it came back.

thanks for the reply

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