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Help Needed Problem With My 1.4 Tdci Fiesta


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it is being a bit hesitant when driving at high speeds and the other day on the m4 it just died and a warning light came up a yellow light with a symbol in it so i pulled over and left it 2 minutes then restarted the car for which it started then carried on home but along the way just keep feeling like it was gonna stall just juddering every so often any ideas as just bought this on finance and still got two months warrenty
but dont wanna have to drive back to stoke to get it repaired wanna get it done locally

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I wouldn't bother with a fuel filter, complete myth imo, esp on a car thats only a few years old.

It's most likely something more sinister like fuel pump or injectors failing.

Phone the dealer and tell him whats happened, who supplied the warranty? Is it a 3rd Party warranty or their own one?

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i got it from a dealer who just sells whats on his forecourt and provides a third party finance not like a ford dealer where as its all in one

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