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Suitable 16" Wheels For St

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I had a set of winter tyres on my ZS with it's 16" alloys and I retained the tyres which of course won't fit the ST. Long way off yet but when winter arrives (assuming we get a winter this year) can I just get any 16" steel or alloys off eBay or will only specific types fit the ST?

I just need a cheap set for the winter months but I don't want to order a set then find out that they don't fit.

Any thoughts on this and rough guess as to prices?

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I would have thought that any 4 stud 16" steel wheel would fit, it would be best to get the ford 4 studded one's though just to be sure, price wise I should estimate £100 for a set of 4 off eBay, better still Dave nip down to a scrap yard, you will probably pick them up for £10 each, don't forget to pick up the steel nuts aswell.

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You'll need to check the correct pcd (4x108 ). Also, consider the offset, as some offsets can cause issues with tyres rubbing or effect the handling. Also, I think you are talking about re-fitting some existing tyres to the wheels, in which case you'll need to know the wheel widths onto which those tyres will fit (you'll be able to Google this).

1.0 125 Zetec S on order!

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