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Fiesta Facelift Power Steering Hose Clip


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Hi all,

Recently took the car to the garage due to an rattle on the drivers side driving wheel. After investigation it came down to a loose power steering line. The line in question falls off of the back of the Power Steering resivoir bottle around the frame towards the bottom of the car, and then snakes along the aux belt cover to the steering rack.

I noticed after further inspection that the bottom clip which is situated close to the aux belt cover (in front of the drivers side wheel) had broken. I'd rather replace the clip rather than using a zip tie (incase it rubs through) but due to my local Ford Counter not having the Facelift (for whatever reason) parts catalogue, in fact they used this one listed below (which is for the preface lift Mk6):


In theory everything looks the same however it does not include the clip I am looking for. The hoses in the below taken picture are 3A713 & 3A697 from the parts picture above.

Below picture is where I am talking about. The protruding panel with the two drilled holes is where the clip is meant to slide onto, the hose is then clipped onto that.


And below is a few pictures of the clip in question.



If anyone could help me source a new one it would be most appreciated.

Thanks guys.

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A cable tie would be fine there, there's no where for it to rub on, Aslong as it's tight it'd probli outlast one of those clips again.

Otherwise try a scrap yard that's scrapping a facelift fiesta, might give you one for pennies. get a few spares.

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