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Climate Control Blower Motor.


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Can ANYONE tell me how to check a heater blower motor on a Focus with climate control..

I have the motor out and looking at the connector socket there are 4 connector pins, 2 large, one of these is live and the other large is earth, there are also 2 small pin contacts which don't appear to do anything.

If I connect live lead to the positive terminal and earth to the other large terminal, nothing.!

If I link the two small ones together, nothing. If I connect power to either of the small pins (through a fuse ) nothing. I cannot get the mot or to run on the bench under any circumstance.

I have tried a replacement motor (used) and the results are the same. HELP please.

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How do you actually wire up this motor to make it run.? there are only 4 terminals to play with, two power terminals and two other very small ones which can't carry much power or else they would burn out.

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Not particularly sure of the wiring as I havent looked into it, but earth and live, then I suppose the other two could be for the temperature adjustment?

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My previous car 2008 Focus 1.6 Titanium had the Dual Zone Automatic Electronic Climate Control.

If you set the fan speed manually then there were 6 (or maybe 7) fixed speeds.

If you set a desired temperature (e.g. 20 degrees C) and switched the unit to 'Auto' then the fan speed continuously varied from zero to max depending on the detected temperature by the cabin sensor.

I suspect (but don't know for certain) that the motor has a built-in electronic regulator; the two large terminals being for the 12v power feeds and the two small terminals being the regulatory signal (from) and RPM sense (to) the control unit that you press the buttons on. As such I doubt that a straight forward "bung 12v on this wee terminal or ground it" would have the desired effect; what's more likely is the motor control unit requires some form of signal before it will start the motor shaft turning, e.g something like the CPU fan control (Pulse Width Modulation) on a modern PC.

Note that I am guessing at the methodology, but it seems the most likely type of solution.

Of course it's always possible that I'm talking rubbish and both motors are banjaxed :rolleyes:

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