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Mk1.5 Facelift Water Leak - Bonnet Wires Cut


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I've just experienced the dreadded pollen filter water leak with my 2001 MK1 facelift. I have already changed the filter and added silicone to stop further water. My question is that I noticed a blue wire has been sliced on the hinge of the bonnet on the passenger side. The other wire is intact (can't remember the colour). I may have done this with my frustration of getting the pollen filter cover off. I've checked and all electrics work fine. Does anyone know what it is for? It seems to run from the window washers but the wires are extremely brittle and why Ford thought it would be a good place to put wires is anybodies guess!!

Any help appreciated just hope I haven't messed anything up!


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nah, just replace the lump of wire thats affected.

your two options are:

1) Solder a new piece of wire in to replace the section thats affected (my preferred but more difficult)

or my preferred method for a quick but reliable fix.

2) Use a BUTT connector, and cut the wire in half. strip the insulation back a little at both sides, pop the wires in each end of the connector. Using either a wire cutter or pliers with wire strippers in at the bottom, crush the ends of the butt connector using the cutter bit to secure the wire and butt together. Now, to finish the job and tidy it, also use some shrink wrap or emalgamating tape either heat the shrink wrap over the entire new joint and butt connector you just made, or keep wrapping the emalgamating tape around joint to secure it. Either of these should help water proof it, and still offer a secure fix.

I personally prefer to use a butt connector on these as its easier. if you have ever tried to solder a wire onto an existing loom using a gas soldering iron whilst supporting the wire, solder, iron and doing a good job - its very much a pain in the backside!!!

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