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Need Some Advice On Mk5 Fiesta


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looking for a fiesta at the moment,either a zetec s mk5 or zetec mk6,doesnt seem to be many of either about in a fair price range,just passed one as i drove home literally 2 miles from me,its not on the internet so i went back andhad a look around it,wasnt any visible rust besides the spare wheel carrier bit.The rear arches had the material protector things in place and the owner wasnt around so i didnt want to start messing with things too much.was parked on grass so i couldnt see all that well underneath.

From what i could see it needed a left side headlight as it had a crack in it,2 front seats as theyre quite stained and the steering wheel was worn (as youd expect for a 13 year old car).

Are there seats i can get from other fords that would fit in there?

he wants £1k with 92k miles tax runs out at the end of the month,seems a fair price although id liketo knock him down to £850 due to seats and other bits

any other things i should look at? and would my obd2 reader work on it if i plugged it in?


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