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street ka squeaking


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Just wondering if anyone can help me with a problem Im having with a 55plate street KA, 13000miles, serviced in December 07

It is making a sqeak or squeal as I release the clutch, just at the top as it bites, it occurs on any gear change although it doesnt do it all of the time, however enough to be very irritating. The car has been to the garage and they greased the engine mount however to no avail - I still have the problem.

It is defintely not the clutch pedal itself. It does it regardless of how long the car has been running or if its cold etc.

any suggestions would be welcome, thanks


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Hi, I had a similar problem. My streetka squealed irregularly with no obvious reason for it. Believing it to be mechanical was not it. Eventually I realised the issue and eliminated the squeal. The courtesy light door switch was corroded. Although the switch worked perfectly a minor bit of rust caused this annoyance. All fine now.

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