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Zion Fox

12V "accessory Socket" Cigar Lighter Spec Sheet

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Hi Ford Owners,

I'm wondering if there's anyone who knows a bit more about the specifications of the 12v Cigar Lighter in the front of the new Fiesta's. My plate is '14 if that's any reference.

In my mother's model before this one ('60 plate), I used a cigar to USB adapter to charge my phone while it was running satnav in the car. It was perfect, the power output to charge was more than the current discharge, so my phone always left the car at 100% charged.

The adapter I use is a 12v 2.1A USB output, and the cable I use has enough bandwidth to supply my phone with the full power. In the '60 Fiesta this worked fine.

(Link to adapter) http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B004A7ZFO0/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

The same adapter however doesn't seem to supply enough power to counter the discharge in my '14 Fiesta though. I'm wondering if they've changed its output to ~1A now due to the term change to "Accessory Socket". Does anyone have any more information, or is it safe enough for me to shove a multimeter in there to see what it's outputting?

Or are there any more tips and tricks I should be looking for with the socket?



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I have a cheap charger from eBay which charges my phone fine. Have you tried using one that goes from the socket to your phone rather than the need to use a USB cable?


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The issue with that is that I wanted the process to be low profile, not having a large transformer, and then a long twirly cable running up to the phone on the right of the windscreen. The current cable layout runs up the side of the centre console, and is buried within the folds of the gate on the steering column, before it curls up to the cradle and phone.

I'm thinking it's not the cable, or the adaptor that is at fault, as they work perfectly fine in other cars. I'm thinking that this particular output is lower than the previous model.

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