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Zetec Mods, Help !

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Hey guys, newbie here but have been browsing for a while. I have found a few things I want to do but need some help.

I didn't think I had a boot light but found it and have been looking at getting this to replace it:


Also Lennys thread on wiring up a second boot light seems to have gone AWOL.

I also want to change my footwell lights to match the red ambient lights, but do I get the panels as above or bulbs ?

I also wanted to match the glovebox but can't seem to find a light in it :/.

I have opened up the secret compartment and on a thread I read some had wired up an iPod cable into it but couldn't find the thread. Also looking into magnets for it but the ones listed in a previous thread are no longer for sale and having trouble finding similar.

Thanks to you guys I have updated my stereo, but wish I found this out when I got the car instead of buying a y cable.

Also if you guys can recommend any other mods please let me know :) I'm still trawling through your awesome work :)

Thanks !!

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What sort of mods you looking for? Exterior, interior, performance? And is yours a Zs or just a Zetec?

Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC

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Thanks for the mention above :)

Cree reverse bulbs are also a nice mod,

What colour is your fiesta? If white or silver then colour code your rear view mirror, ive done mine,

If logged on via internet browser click on my profile page to see links to my 28 guides, the links dont display when using the app,

Silvatec bulbs are also good to replace the amber indicator bulbs,

Those smd pads are good and bright,

However for the front footwell some 5 SMD T10 led bulbs are bright enough,

Have you considerd fitting rear footwell lighting and illuminated ignition ring?

See guide on my profile page for that aswell.

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Cheers Lenny,

It's Avalon, (grey blue).

Ok cool.

I'm not too sure on changing headlight or indicator bulbs.

Being my second car and I'm not a huge tinkerer I'd be worried about f'ing stuff up if I was to splice into the wiring looms. Although I am tempted on a second boot light if one led panel isn't enough.

Do you have any idea if a glovebox light is standard or not ? I really can't find mine.

Also trying to decide wether to match the red interior lighting or stick with white for the boot.

OH has just bought up about being worried that insurance might not pay out if we had an accident and it wasn't the "standard" light fittings. Anyone ever had issues ?

Have been trawling through the forums still and do really like a lot of the mods that have been done, just haven't the balls yet to go all out lol.

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For interior there is abit you can do like change the interior bulbs to LEDs, footwell lighting, illuminated kick plates, can also get "s" badge for the steering wheel. Also depending on how much time you have, you can also make the gap underneath the stereo a secret compartment & Colour code the interior handles, stereo surround and the steering wheel inserts. That's all the small stuff but there is a lot more depending on how much you want to spend.

Sent from my iPad using Ford OC

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