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Help Please - What Is This Drain Plug/water Leak?


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Hello, Hoping some experts will be able to answer my question, I am not a mechanical expert so apologise now ;-)

Car is a ford focus zetec 1.6 2008

Noticed a water leak in the centre of the car this morning so had a look underneath.

It is situated just under the exhaust heat proof guard where the catalytic converter is situated at back of engine bay. It looks like it is the bottom front of drivers footwell starts......

I noticed water pouring out of this white plug in photo attached just under heat proof guard 10cm up.....what is this white plug for? I assume not normal?

I have attached a few photos, one showing position on car where I am looking to help navigate you and the second of the plug

Appreciate all the help and advice



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Or is this just the area where some of the AC condenses?... I have drops at the front caused by AC but would it also be back here too?

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This is the location of the drain hose of the air conditioning system. The cold air of the air conditioning system condensates inside the heater assembly below the dashboard. To drain this condensation there is a hose which runs from the heater assembly to the underside of the car.

Depending of the humidity and temperature differences the condensation can be quite an amount of water.

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Thanks JW1982.... clear water and coolant not going down so I think you have nailed it on the head.... much appreciated and mind at rest now

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