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1997 Fiesta Ghia Troubles


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Hi guys. I'm new to the forums so I apologise if it's been posted before.

Basically I bought the car on Friday, knowing it had a few issues. The main is the alarm which I hear is a common fault. I have tried sticking the bonnet button down as some have suggested and also cutting the wires and putting those together but it still goes off randomly. I am now thinking if the problem is further down the cable (in the plug part). Is there any way to bypass there (perhaps a paperclip would do the trick?). If not, Is there a way for me to disconnect or stop the alarm going off? It has now killed the battery so I've had to take that off and put it on charge.

Also the front fog lights don't work yet the bulbs look fine - I suspect this is just water getting in the units though.



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Without meaning to sound rude and impatient, does anyone have any ideas? The battery is fully charged and I'm getting oil tomorrow. I don't want the alarm to be going off again tomorrow night and me and the family not getting any sleep again!

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