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High Fuel Consumption


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Good day, I bought a new ford kuga 1.6 ecoboost earlier this year and it now has 6500km on the clock. I had immediate issues regarding the fuel consumption and I have addressed them to the dealership with little to no help from them. I was even told by the head office in South Africa that they cannot comment on the fuel consumption.

I would love to know from other owners what is the average fuel consumption you are getting from the car? I'm worried that my car might be faulty, however the only basis for this is comparing the actual fuel consumption I get to the one stated on the website and pamphlets at the dealers. Your input would be greatly appreciated. I only manage to get 10l/100km and based on the pamphlets the car should be getting to 6.7l/100km. There is a huge difference in fuel consumptions.

Thank you.

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There was another member who had this issue also, he is still suffering from it from what I know, sadly I cant find the thread, but you would seem to be not alone.

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They have released a recall on a reprogramme on the miles to empty. Sayin its got 80 miles to empty when you have half a tank showing. 2 hour+ job. Might be work an ask to see if any recalls are relavent

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