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Ford Focus Zetec S Keyless Start..


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Hi guys.

Very recently my keyless start for my Ford Focus has started going a bit dodgy. It pretty much decides itself if it wants to start or not. There's nothing wrong with the battery as everything works inside the car (radio, windows etc). So as a failsafe I decided to use the actual ignition, now here lies the problem. There doesn't seem to be an ignition. I've removed the cover and put the key where the ignition should be but the key will not turn at all and there are no symbols that a usual ignition has on it.

Am I doing something wrong? The guys at Ford gave me a manual that has nothing to do with my car at all so I'm just wondering if any of you have started your car with the keys, and if so... how?

Thanks in advance guys :)

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On the Mk2.5 you just slot the key in and still use the button. the transponder is picked up close to the keyfob.

I had a small problem when I had a Mk2.5, they did an update of the software at the Ford garage.

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