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Fault Codes


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Morning all. Had a slight sluggish drive home last night. Where it took me ages to get from 50 to 60 in 4th on a slight hill.

So I've just checked my fault codes using torque pro and it's come back with 4 codes

P0490 - Powertrain

P042F - Powertrain

U0416 - Network

P2196 - Powertrain

Anyone know what's wrong and how much / what needs fixing.


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P0490 - EGR - indicates that the EGR may have failed, or there is a wiring issue to it. Disconnect the EGR valves wiring harness and drive the car, you will have a warning light up (EML) but see if it drives better or worse.

P042F - EGR valve Incorrect position - EGR valve is most likely stuck open, will likely need a new EGR installing

U0416 - Relates to invalid values recieved from the emissions system, most likely a byproduct of the above two errors.

P2196 - relates to a rich running engine, the O2 sensor is reporting higher than expected values, again most likely related to the above errors.

I dont think an EGR Blanking plate is going to help much, but for a £5 fix, its worth a try! get yourself a stainless steel blanking plate, and follow Lenny's guide on fitment. Worst case scenario, you temporarily wasted £5, and you have to have the EGR valve removed, cleaned and reinstalled, or replaced. Then fit the blanking plate to get more out of the car!

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enough to make the neck hairs stand on end...

non fords are £140 (i.e. pattern parts) but Ford branded, you can double that, then add labour, your probably looking at next to no change from £500 if not more, some have been lucky and had this price, others on the web I have seen where £600 - £700 after the valve was coded.

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have a look here:


This is the instruction for fitting a blanking plate, but you could work to remove it. I would recommend you get yourself a Haynes manual, or research on the net for any additional instructions you may be missing to take it off the car in order to clear it up, whereas Lenny's guide is there as a means of locating, loosen and slide the plate in.

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