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Focus C Max 2.0 Tdci 2004


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Hi guys,

I'm new on here but thought I'd share some of the problems I've experienced with the c max.

1. Sony 6 disc cd player stopped working

2. Bonnet opening mechanism stopped functioning( replaced 250 euros)

3. Boot opening during driving, had to replace with new Ford part, it began again 3 months later!(30 quid.

4. Reverse switch in engine bay stopped working(bought online and replaced myself)30 euros

5. Injector sensor faulty causing car to run horribly(replaced 260 euros)

These are the ones I can remember although I'm sure there were others. It has also gone into "limp mode" at least 30 times in 5 years plus when it gets cold the steering assist faulty message appears!

Like many of you, when the car works properly it's great but I have to admit it's a money pit and the time has come to buy something Japanese.

All of the problems I mentioned above seem to be quite common I don't understand why Ford hasn't recalled and rectified them.

Best wishes to everyone and good luck with your c max:)

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have you actually gotten rid of your CMAX? or are you looking for support with these, or just sumarising the issues you have with the car?

Sadly a lot of these issues are known, but because these are degredation of parts normally outside of the offered warranty, if it was within a short period after the warranty expired, they could have offered TSB's to resolve these issues, however as this is showing its ugly head many years after either of these periods, Ford would just see this as wear and tear and dont offer to support its customers in this way.

To an extent I can see the point, as it does happen so long after the warranty, but likewise as an owner, its irritating when you have a national if not global issue happening to however many customers why they dont see the issue and fix it within reason.

Sadly I had the CMAX with the 1.6 diesel auto engine and the gearbox, which is well documented to fail early in its life, and at a cost of 4.5 thousand euro's its redicilous that Ford do nothing for it other than happily taking your money and replacing it with a new unit with no consideration to prevention....

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