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Ford Focus Diesel Disaster From Blanking Plug


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Have had good use of this 08 Focus 1.6 diesel (50,360) until a sudden event on M25 where we had to make it across three lanes and on to the hard shoulder when the oil light and then engine malfunction light came on.

oil all over the back of the car. Have had warranty inspection which has found a blanking plug inside the rear of the engine has backed off/come loose, jammed flywheel and let all the oil out (at 70mph!). New engine, flywheel and clutch . . . . . . .

Anyone heard of this happening before.

Apologies for dramatic introduction. . . . . .

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Plug is inside at the rear of engine and would not usually be touched especially for servicing. Warranty people ok and have granted full amount but still a very big bill to pay. Thought other Focus owners/engineers might have heard of this one before.

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well its a good job the warranty is paying out, at least you get a nice shiny new engine! although inconvenient, consider the graces that you have that warranty if you didnt... I could only imagine how bad that would be!

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