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Strange Fiesta Mk6 Idle Problems - Help!

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Hi, hope you're all well.

I recently bought a 2002 Mk6 Fiesta 1.3 petrol (Duratec engine) as my first car.

It had been running great until I was sat waiting in traffic the other day. All of a sudden, with the car in neutral and my foot not touching the accelerator at all, the car started to rev itself up and down - as if I was pressing down on the accelerator heavily and letting off over and over again. I turned the engine off and restarted it and it seemed fine until I approached a junction uphill in 2nd gear and it accelerated forward of its own accord! I'm a bit scared to drive it as I worry that it's going to send me shooting out into traffic.

Now, when the car is sat idle, if I press down on the accelerator lightly, the car stalls and cuts out completely. Also, when slowing down to about 5mph (with the clutch down), the car stalls.

When driving uphill, it feels as though the engine is misfiring and there's a lack of power for a brief second every now and then.

Research online points to it being a problem with the Idle Air Control Valve or something. I am clueless when it comes to cars so that means very little to me.

I'd really appreciate it if anyone could point me in the right direction.


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Took the car to a local mechanic today who cleaned up the throttle body and replaced all the hoses. He couldn't seem to locate an Idle Air Control Valve. It seemed to run better overall but about 3 miles into my journey home, all of the above problems returned.

I've heard that cleaning the MAF sensor or something can solve the problem but I just can't find it anywhere in the engine bay. Is there a link to a picture of the engine showing where it is?

Anyone got any ideas? Getting a bit desperate now as I need the car to get to work.


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The later model cars don't need an idle control valve it's based on the mag readings, find the air filter box you will find a connector that's probably the maf good exercise is to remove and clean it with electrical contact cleaner

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