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Which Aftermarket Exhaust ?


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Ok guys I'm thinking on getting an aftermarket exhaust and have narrowed down to 3 the milltek, mongoose or cobra all cat back in your opinion which is best

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Scorpion are ok but they aren't cheap anymore, I bought one for my old Clio against everyone elses advice, it was a right mare to fit, essentially it was about a 3CM too long and it wouldn't join with the Cat and oddly their Decat pipe to match was even longer and it kept on killing the mounts at the rear and then rattling about in the bracket ( at least clios have fail safe brackets ) and everyone did warn me that Scorpions are poor fitments, may have just been the duplex Clio system the 182's have but never ever again.

Was only £20 than the Piper that I wish I went for too, I also found it very thick as well and to start with it kept on hitting the underside under load and coming off the throttle which took a lot of raging to put right.

Just my experience with them and that car but the Fiesta could be different, if you buy from Demons you can always send it back if it doesn't fit well providing it's clean and not damaged etc.

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Mine was already fitted you see when i got the car so i cant comment on fitting but i never had any issues with bangs or rattles! Iv had mates have the custom made cobra ones from ascar in sheffield and never have any bother with them

Sent from my ST25i

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