56 Plate Fiesta Stereo Replacement

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Hi All,

Looking to replace the OEM CD6000 stereo on my 56 plate Fiesta (facelift model so double din rather than the triple dash).

I'm going to use the stereo out of my old Corsa, but a bit unsure on what type of aerial adapter I need as there seems to be of conflicting info on ebay re. descriptions etc.

This is the one I'm looking at:


But is the PC5-100 aerial adapter definitely correct (fakra conversion) rather than the little ISO to Din converter?

EDIT: Is there anyway to find out the stereo code for the OEM before I remove it? Nothing noted down in the manuals.


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I would assume you mean an aftermarket radio not a Corsa OEM unit?

Post up a picture of the connection points for aerial etc and I'll steer you right.

Concerning the Ford radio, try ebay or go to Ford directly with the serial number (should start with a V).

You should be able to get V codes off ebay for about £5.

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Yes, it's a Pioneer.

I think I was wrong - I do in fact need to the regular ISO to Din converter - think the Fakra connections are for the newer Sony CD6000.

Thanks - will do.

One other question, my Corsa steering controls allowed me to adjust volume, change from radio/iphone and skip tracks/stations of my Pioneer. I'm tempted to add the stalk controls to my fiesta and then buy the following: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/250951115764 but would this likely give me full functionality and would it mean I'd lose the odometer, mpg readings etc? Although reading that, it does mention the fakra connection again and there appears to be two variations - one with ignition wires, and one without. How would I know which I need?


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