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Fixing Time And Date On Ford Fiesta Zetec Climate 1.4 2008 5 Door


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Hi i am a new member today so ,not sure if I'm in the right area to ask a question

I have just bought the above ford ,really pleased with it but i can't seem to get the date /clock time to stay on dashboard.

I set it correctly, and while driving says on, but as soon as i turn off engine to go into shops when i come back it its blank then when i turn on the ignition again it displays time and date around the manufacture date ? It always goes back to the same date and time . 8/11/2007 6am

The cd/radio all ok and show up correctly .Also the trip milage meter also goes back to zero each time

I have been trying for days ,can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong ?

The handbook makes it seem so simple , done in seconds


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Hi thanks for that, there is a button on dashboard called reset ? if i press it it won't reset everything will it lol

or is a garage job where they have to remove dashboard


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Hi thanks for that, but radio /cd is fine its only clock/date., but i will check it out just incase


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