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Good Touchscreen Radio?

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I own a 2009 Focus 1.8 s, I want to change the radio to a DAB Radio, something that has touch screen, and sounds good. Most importantly looks good and not out of place. Any suggestions?

Also because I am changing to a DAB radio is there any additional things I would need to convert? or is it as easy as plug in a DAB touch screen radio and go?

I have attached an image of my current radio :)

Much appreciated



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There are many good quality DAB double din radios available, personal choice and price range comes into play there.

For fitting to your car you'd need a fascia adaptor (something like this)-


You would also need the correct loom adaptor kit specific to whichever radio you choose and a steering remote interface so that all control options are still available.

All this is to just fit the radio and get it functional.

You then need to fit the kit to make the DAB system function, see my guide here for required parts and fitting instructions-

Fitting a DAB radio to a MK2.5 Focus.pdf

These parts are currently available on ebay and are cheaper than from Ford and all in one package together (other than any other fakra adaptors needed depending on radio connections of any unit you may source)-


If you were to move away from a touchscreen unit and fit an OEM Ford unit you would save money on the loom adaptor, fascia adaptor and remote interface, ultimately the choice is all yours.



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Thanks Stoney,

Great information provided, I didn't even know you could get the radioblende, that means I dont have to worry about it looking out of place now :)

Seems like a pricey move to DAB, even more for a touch screen. It'll be worth it!

Much appreciated


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Personally I'm not impressed with DAB.

Signal propagation iz very sporadic and many Ford owners with DAB have problems with finding/storing channels on OEM units.

I keep an ipod touch 4 in the car plugged into the aux cable and use it to stream internet radio via 4G.

Many more channels and far cheaper to set up and run.

Personal choice of course.

Sent from my S5

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I have thought about that but I only get 4g signal in the city center, and I work 12 miles out from the city in a town which only justs gets a decent 3g signal, so streaming isn't much of an option.

Saying that if I was to subscribe to spotify I could store playlists offline and play music through that when I get bored of the standard radio stations. But I am deffinitly considering getting a touch screen regardless of DAB or not.

I will have to do a test run with streaming on my normal work route to see how it works out

Thanks again

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