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Preparing For The Winter.......


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ok Im looking to get the car in top shape for the winter and want to coat the underside with under seal To help with the weather of the roads and salt and all that nasty stuff.

Now I have a tin of this stuff laying around unopened so I though its there why not use it.


so any tips on how or where to use this. I was thinking giving the underside a good power wash and letting it dry. Throw car on the axel stands and then brush or spray this stuff all over the underside. sound ok?

few questions

- can I put this over the subframe and bottom arms ect?

- can i paint it over the springs and underside of wheel arches?

- Can i paint his over the underside of the boot and on top of the protective stuff ford has sprayed on?

- would it be best to remove the heat shields and spray/paint this on then put the shields back on or paint over everything?

Thanks fella's any advice is welcome

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ok just to add another product into the mix, I have come across stuff called Gravitex. Some boys swear by it and I know one fella who uses it on the underside of lorries and stuff when restoring or fixing up to sell on but I have never had any experience with it myself.

So whats the best stuff do you all think for the focus underside?

Gravitex or Hammerite Underbody with added waxoyl seal?

also has anyone painted up their suspension parts or axels and if so what type of paint did you use and how long will it last before recoats ect.

Thanks in advanced.

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anybody any kind of advice on this topic? I wanna get started on the work soon so any information would be grateful. if not Im going to just go with the hammerite under body seal with added wax oil and as its brush able i will just be applying with the brush for handiness sake.

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Hi Sonic,

Not overly experienced with what you ask, but the hammerite is what I would go for, and to be honest, I would just coat the entire bottom of the car with it. Cleaning will be the fun part first though before application, but I would say just spread it on there and you should be fine.

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i only use the hammerite with waxoyl its messy though so old clothes double pair of rubber gloves and cover youre face as it will go everywhere the brush stuff doesnt get into the bits you really want the tin with the spraygun is best you also need to let it sit in boiling water for 10 mins to let it thin down before using

for the suspension and axle i use hammerite spray paint same with the springs in whatever colour suits youre needs 3 coats i find lasts the whole year with minimal touching up later on

to do it properly i remove the front and rear arch covers to get right up in the back of them with the arch covers off i also applied rubber edging to the edge of the arch liner that touches the body using cheap black hose split down the middle prevents the rear arch liners getting wet and sitting against the paint rotting it

the spray also means you can get to the difficult bits above the heat shields and right up in the corners of the chassis that youre hand wont fit into simply look under the car when youre doing it and look for any nook and cranny thats where the worst of the rot starts

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