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looking to get a new jack and don't want the small trolley jacks as they don't have much lift for me. Can any one recommend a decent jack?

Im trying to keep the budget around £100 MAX though. so I have be looking at the following.can anyone tell me what you have or if you think these may be ok.

Jack one Sealey 1153cx


Jack Sealey 3000cxd


Jack Wolf quick lift


any ideas or recommendations are welcome.

Thanks in advanced.

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Costco do some decent Arcan jacks, I bought a very robust 3T low jack like this for around £100


but it weighed an absolute ton and wasn't practical to be dragging up and down the path to the car so I picked up an aluminium version instead for pretty much the same price. Both were very well made, good quality, and tougher than the Seeley equivalents imho.


You can also get them off ebay, amazon etc but they're lot more expensive than from Costco. Quick look on the web also seems to show a very similar Draper version but rated at 2.5T.

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Agreed about the heavy jacks - they may be more stable than the smaller ones and have a tallerreach, but if you live in a flat or have to take the jack through the house, over steps etc, forget it - a heavy jack is really only good for garage use only - some of these are approaching 40kgs

the smaller, cheaper jacks are light, and cheap, but are not that stable and do not have much of a reach (typically 300mm/12")

Watch out for cheap "high reach" "400mm" jacks that are 300mm with 100mm extensions

Best to go for a 20-25kg 2/2.5T jack with a high reach 400mm+ (like a "racing" style one, preferably in aluminium if you have to heft it about

And a set of decent axle stands and/or ramps too

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Thanks for replies. I have got a set of 3 tonne silver line Axel stands which are great and I have used them a few times now but want as good jack to go with them.

I came across the tj3 3 tonne from sgs engineering and it looks like a good buy. Any1 heard of them or have any tools from them?

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I use 2 aluminium Arcan jacks from Costco. They are still heavy and rated at 1.8 uk tonne.

One of them is a few years old now and still works perfectly. It's only 90mm at it's lowest and lifts to about 450mm iirc.

Not cheap now though, I believe they are over £100.

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