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Focus St Turbo Whirring Noise?


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Hey folks,

Drove a 350 mile round trip yesterday in my Focus ST and everything seemed fine. Left the car off for 30 minutes or so and started her up again and noticed that as soon as I drove off once the turbo just spooled up there was a slight whirring noise, but it was a slow whirring, almost like what you'd expect from a leaf in a slow moving fan blade (on and off at a constant pace) but louder and more metallic sounding. It doesn't sound like the blown turbos I hear on youtube where the noise is constant (it's a similar noise BUT it's happening at a slower rate almost like the turbo is running very slowly however the car runs absolutely fine during this period. After about 30 seconds of driving it goes away and the car runs completely normally. Just find it pretty concerning as I've only just spent £300 on ignition coils/leads.

Anyone know what this might be?


Video here (very quiet at the parts where it makes the noise but loud at the start)

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Seeing as you're in Cheshire, if you want an expert opinion pop over to Collins Performance in Congleton and ask Gary to have a look at it. Nobody better on ST's imho

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