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At My Wits End !!!!

Mark G

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2010 Focus Zetec S 2.0 Tdci

Please can anyone help. Have had car since Nov 2013 and it has broken down on me 4 times. Each time I have been driving a distance 30-50miles on motorway when the ESP light comes on and then the car looses power as if running out of diesel , I then pull over , then engine cuts out completely and cannot restart. Originally computer in garage not showing anything, but car came back running ok , this would be ok for couple of months then the same thing would happen.

When the RAC put their computer on previously it came up as Fuel Recognition System failure. The garage has gone down the fuel line, changing the fuel filter 1st (worked for a while) and then last was to put a new fuel pump in (£800) , again worked for a while then went again yesterday.

On this occasion same thing happened , ESP light came on, lost power, engine cut out , wouldn't restart. This time when RAC connected computer , faults came up as:-

P0002 Fuel Volume Regulator Control.

P0089 Fuel Pressure Control Valve.

P0299 Turbo Charger Underboost

ANY IDEAS , Losing the will to live.

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Sound,s like it could be the fuel pressure regulator fitted on the fuel rail in which case you have to buy the whole fuel rail or get hold of a second hand one have you not got a scanner that reads live data then you could see what the fuel pressure is doing whilst driving .that said I had a similar prob years back on a petrol vectra that gave the symptons of running out of fuel go into limp mode and difficult to restart it ended up being the cam sensor and it was so intermittent it started in Birmingham on our way to Spain and I got it all the way there with it only happening a hand full of times before I got it replaced over there . Might be worth changing that being the cheaper option and see how that goes .

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Thanks guys for your help, have passed info to garage , hopefully it will be resolved this time. Will keep you updated.

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good luck! hopefully its not going to be too expensive, but if its an indie and the regulator needs replacing, brace yourself for a £500 bill at least. About 80% of that will be labour from the garage trying to start the car again after they have got air in the system :p

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