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Ford 2001 Brake Lights Stuck On When Ignition Turned On.


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Hi folks

I know that this problem has been covered in other threads, but I am not sure how to fix the problem in my case. My problem stated when the clutch plinger arm snapped off (unfortunately I was 120 miles from home when this happened). I had to join the AA and was very very grateful that the AA man managed to get the car going again by changing what I think is the master cylinder which sits near the pedals. To get at it he had to remove both the brake and clutch pedals from the car. Unfortunately I have just found out that my brake lights are now on permanently. The brake pedal is no longer making contact with the switch....probably about 5-10mm gap.

The lights go out when I press the switch plunger a few mm down, but the pedal does not even reach the switch plunger. I have tried pulling the switch plunger up...and it is as high as it will go. Something has obviously changed after the AA man did his fix. But what I do not know.

Is this adjustable? Or have I got some incompatibility of parts?? The AA man checked the reg before getting the part. I cant see anything obvious to adjust.

The only way I can think of fixing this problem is to get a bit of sticky foam and sticking that to the brake pedal plate so that it will now make contact. This is not ideal, but it should work.

Any ideas or any other thoughts.

Thanks for reading this.

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ok so first things first. Turn your ignition on and take the handbrake off, does the car roll? secondly, put your foot only a few mm onto the brake pedal, do the brake lights come on? then if they dont, how far down do you have to plant your foot to get the lights to come on?

that brake light indicates a serious failure of the braking system or a stuck sensor such as the handbrake may be stuck on.

Either way I strongly advise you not to drive the car in case its the worst of the situations.

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