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Strange Noise From Under Dashboard When Key Put In Ignition?


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I have a Ford Fiesta Mk7 (2010 Titanium).

My problem is a bit difficult to describe but I'll give it a go.

If my car has been left for a while, not sure how long but notice it in the mornings or after work, but not if I try to replicate straight away after turning the car off. When I put the keys in the ignition and turn the car electrics on (not starting the engine as it would be too loud to hear the issue), I will hear some strange sounds coming from under the dash board around the left hand side. They sound slightly like things are struggling to move (i.e. like someone was stopping the electric mirrors from moving). The mirrors are open so that isn't the issue.

As I said it is difficult to describe but that is the best I can do I feel. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts?



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Could depend on how you have left the heater/vents/air con. If the aircon/climate control is on for example it will all be whirring away when it gets a live feed. Turn it all off and see if it happens next time.

You can also hear the whirring of the fuel pump as you turn the key to stage 2.

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Mine sounds like a helicopter sometimes especially when I take the key out after a drive.

It's only the fan direction thingy moving back to a default position.

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