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Econetic 1.6Tdci 2008 (Fuel/limp)?


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So I've treated this car to v power diesel for the whole year I've owned it, fearing injector problems with supermarket fuels.

Is there any truth to supermarket fuels clogging the injectors?

Also, just noticed the car struggles to get up to speed and loses speed going up hills, what's that all about :-(

Starting to wonder if the money I save in fuel is just going to be spent on repairing this car.

Or did I do this to the car only putting v power in?

Can anybody share any same or similar experiences.

Many thanks

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When was the fuel filter last changed? id get that done first

putting v-power in for every fill will be a waste of money, you just need to do it once in a while

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running super diesel is a waste of money as you wont get any good out of it.

Yes supermarket fuels do impact performance, they do help to clog the fuel filter as they have more detergents and are more prone to waxing than the likes of Shell or others.

to be honest you probably wasted more money on the Super Diesel than you would have done using the cheap fuel and replacing the fuel filter every 6 months.

I would personally recommend that if anything you just use standard diesel from Shell (fuelsave or regular) as a matter of maintaining the car. Alternatively you can treat it to the odd tin of BG244 now and then to give it a clearout, or, save your money up and treat it to a terraclean service.

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Thanks guys.

I fixed it, I looked under the bonnet and saw a 10mm black tube just floating unattached, I reattached it the the nearest logical point, and what do you know, working as normal. Fewwwww

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