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Help/advice On Power Steering Level


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Just noticed on the power steering level indicator there is MAX, COLD, MIN.

how does this work? does the pressure drop when the engine is cold so the level drops to COLD then when its heated up to normal running temp it rises to MAX?

The reason I ask is that i think my level stays the same at all times at the MAX mark.

is this normal?

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its basically that yes you fill it up to COLD on a cold engine., This is in essence the "perfect fill" line. So when it gets hot and expands you dont want it to go above max, nor min.

Again, I dont see why they didnt just call it "fill line" or they just use this as a standard going forward for ALL fluids

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I have to agree James that would make sense. I will take some fluid out when the engine is cold and make sure the level reads to the cold mark.


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