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Hi Ford Owners Club!

Just about to get my first Ford Fiesta, excited about it.

It will either be a:

Fiesta Zetec TDCi 1.6 Diesel - 2009/2010



Fiesta Zetec 1.25 Petrol - 2009/2010


Any particular things I should be looking out for proper to buying upon inspection?

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Welcome :)

From those two I'd go for the diesel, the 1.25 is known for being really slow. I wouldn't worry too much if the dealer offers a warranty, just cosmetic things to look for. Rust shouldn't be an issue as far as I know.

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The 1.6 TDCI is known for turbo issues - basically the oil cannot be drained completely from the engine, and thus it slowly builds up a nice little clog in the engine. Eventually the turbo won't get any oil because it's completely clogged up, and it'll break. (Requiring a new turbo usually)

I believe you can get a third party part to fix it (different oil sump or whatnot, which CAN be drained completely), so maybe ask about that.

It's had a lot of media coverage recently in Denmark (where I'm from)

As Phil 87 says the 1.25 will be very slow though - maybe look at the 1.4 petrol instead?

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Yes I was going to suggest the 1.4, or better yet the 1.6 if you want to go up to a Zetec S or Titanium. The 1.6 is much faster and has about the same economy figures as the 1.4, I don't know if that's the case for real MPG though.

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Thanks guys, I picked "Aoife" up on the weekend!

Waved goodbye to my fun car of Fiat Grande Punto 1.9 Turbo Diesel Sporting and said hi to...



1.4 Petrol, Fiesta Zetec Late 2008

2 Previous Owners

38k on the clock


1 years warrenty from AA

1 years MOT

1 years TAX


Please if you see a Grande Punto with White alloys and white stripes down the side - DO NOT BUY IT, my car was on the brink of death electronically and mechanically!!!!

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