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Needing Some Help Or Advice

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First off I'm new to this forum , I would like to say hi to everyone on here

Well here goes it's about my ford fiesta freestyle zetec 2002 car, I have a heating issue problem I have took it to 2 garages and they can't fix it or even determine the problem so I'm about to get to the point and issue.

This is how it all started, I had a water leak comming from my car and the leak started to get worse so had to take it to the garage and they said I needed a new thermostat and some sort of sealer so I said that's fine as I was wanting my car fixed then 2-3 hours after the garage having the car they phoned me back saying I also needed a new motor heater valve so the bill was going to be a it more originally so I then said ok , so paid the money which was £90 and had said everything was fixed leak , thermostat and motor heater valve.

Took my car back home but just before I got home I stopped at a set off traffic lights and a big gust of hot air started comming through the vents even though the heater switch was on cold so I pulled over at the side of the road wondering should I drive or not I wasn't sure if it was safe so decided to drive home still hot air and the temp guage at normal halfway and didn't rise. Took it back to the garage many of times and still couldn't fix it.

When to a different garage, I don't like changing garages but I think I was getting ripped off in a sense so went to another garage and explained all what has happened and only asked this garage to determine the problem with the heater blowing hot air I did not ask them to fix this so I was waiting for a phone call the day my car went in to get checked not fixed and they phoned up saying you can collect your car I said how much would this be and did you determine this fault , they said it's going to be £60 and it was the motor heater valve again even though I said to the garage I just wanted it checked not fixed and also I already told the garage that's the 3rd motor heater valve been installed are you sure it's fixed he replied yes it's blowing cold and hot air so I was just glad to hear this and didn't moan about them fixing it as this is what I wanted so went to pay the cash and took my car home picked up my misses and kids to go for a drive, so sat in the car outside my house with the car still but engine on and before the kids and misses came out to get in the car hot air started to blow again.

Went back to the garage told them about this and said I've just paid you money for you to fix this problem and it has come back again hot air constantly he said bring in tomorrow I will get a sparky to look at it, sparky looked at it and said I needed a heater control panel that is what is causing the problem so he phoned up and said I need to get this part then it will be fixed plus he said I will fit it for free I get the part , so got the original control heater part they fitted it and said it's working now come collect your car so got my car back drove for a while to see if all was well and the heaters where blowing cold air I'm like yes it's fixed as it was really hot as well but I never thought to turn the heater switch to hot, it wasn't until my partner said does it go not as well I had said I haven't even checked, so now to test this and turned the heater switch too hot and no hot air even though I was driving about for an hour.

I stopped the car and popped the hood and noticed a wire dangling from under the hood at bottom of windscreen and this wire was ment to be connected to the motor heater valve so I connected it still nothing

Drove about to see no hot air, hmmmm so phoned the garage to explain that the person working on my car left this wire hanging out he replied oh he must of forgot to put it back in and said did it work when you put the wire back in I had said no, he then asked me to bring it back in for another check later that day, I had another check under the hood and this is what I seen there was a U bend pipe like on the heater valve and my original pipes where tucked under the U bend pipe, so when I went back to the garage and confronted them regarding this, the garage replied yes I knew there was a U bend on there I asked why ? And why did you not tell me of this he said just when You left the garage he forgot to tell me off this his son had done this but he didn't tell the other garage person.

I asked why did you or your son do this , I asked for this heater control panel you said I needed which by the way I payed £32, I said I asked for the heater to be fixed and back to normal I have done everything you have asked of me he then said bring it in again to get it check by the sparky again, it's becoming a joke now even tho he isn't charging me for this sparky, getting the control panel fitted he said I'm getting all this done for free but in reality I'm not as the way I see it I payed £60 for maybe something I didn't need and a heater control panel £32 so £92 I have payed to get my heaters fixed and they Aren't, it's blowing constant cold air even though they took the U bend pipe off and reconnected the original pipes and with the wire connected nothings working.

Anyway sorry for the big long story I was just wondering if anyone has any other ideas what this might be, thermostat checked , motor heater valve checked , I have water in my tank checked, there's no leaking, heater control panel replaced checked, I don't know what else this could be has anyone else got any thoughts or ideas on this or maybe you,ve had this very same problem and had this fixed would be appreciated many thanks stuart

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