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Ford Escort Calypso Karmann Convertible 1.6 For Sale. Cat C, Drives Perfectly.


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RARE AND COLLECTABLE Ford Escort Calypso Karmann 1.6 litre convertible car for sale with working electric mohair roof, large exhaust and lowered. Sounds great when revved. Rare, highly sought after car that's appreciating in value, I've only ever seen a couple of these in the 2 years I've owned it. Full service history prior to my ownership. Great looking car, perfect for the summer. Always gets compliments.

R reg (1997). Written off in May, Category C, although drives perfectly with no issues. Only damage is the rear centre where the car was impacted from behind - the boot lid will not close completely as per the photo as the bottom lip has been pushed in and crossmember where boot lock sits has been pushed in slightly. It's been sat on my drive since the accident 2 months ago and it started perfectly 1st time today after being untouched for 2 months.

Only issues: small chip in windscreen completely out of drivers view, roof leaks a little in heavy rain, small spots of rust. Great car to drive, lots of fun and perfect for someone who can spend a little bit of time on it.

There's only 1 for sale on Autotrader in the whole of the UK at the moment going for £1950. I saw one recently for sale at a similar age and mileage going for £1000, same year. Asking for £400 ono.












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Any questions welcome. Advertising in multiple places. It's an MK7 to the best of my knowledge. Call 07944250229, ideal. Pickup only.

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