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Heater u/s

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Hi all just joined the club.

I have a 'Y' reg KA Collection and have had a problem with the A/c and then the cabin heater.

I have fixed the A/c with a second hand compressor and recharge kit but the heater is eluding me.

The Haynes manual is a bit thin to say the least on info! The temperature control has no affect, just blows air at outside air temperature (unless a/c is on).

The temp control appears to be electric any ideas what I should be checking?

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check your heater mixer valve located in the bulk head, has to coolant pipe running to it and 2 out of it, these are common for this fault, if you set your hetar to hlaf way and hold this valve you should feel a pulse on your hand, if you dont then a new valve is required, Ford Finis number is 1451981 £23.


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hey im crap with cars so i was wondering if you have any pictures of what it looks like so i can test for a pulse and also mines the same but only blows out hot air . thanks

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The valve is the fault.

Accessed from under the bonnet at the centre of the bulkhead.

Remove rubber seal strip.

Pull away all wiring and pipes which run along the bulkhead after removing all plastic trim and wipers.

Its low down on the metal landing of the bulkhead and most of the plastic clips will break as cars are made of the cheapest materials.

use new jubilee clips and Blue Hylomar sealant when fitting the new part which even Ford were disgusted that they made such a poor quality part when I bought the last one!

Dont bother buying new clips and getting it all back "perfectly" as Ford recon it could fail again in appx 15 months!

Best of luck, it will take you about 45 mins if you are good with cars.

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