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Fiesta Mk4 Diesel leak

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I'm running a nice clean mk4 diesel as a second car and over past few weeks a drip of diesel running off the bottom hose has been evident. She's fitted with the endura de engine.

Got it on ramps yesterday and could see leak appeared to be coming off rear of the pump. Managed to get rear support mounting off the pump and thought it was coming from little pipe and banjo connection. Took banjo connector off and renewed washers but still got a leak in that area.

It does not leak from start up but after a few mins running. It only leaks when running.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced similar with any other ford fitted with this engine that could direct me towards perhaps what is a common fault?

Cant say that it is this banjo connection at fault really?

My next course of action is to get her back on the ramps and get radiator out etc so I can get at the pump better but your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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I have/had exactly the same problem. Forgive me for my lack of technical terms but i'm not really that competent with car mechanics!

But anyway, originally my mechanic thought it was a leak from the switch (maybe a solenoid) on the fuel line just where the fuel-cut off for the immobiliser is located. The switch was very hard to get at, taking him all day to remove the reinforced protective cowel. It was changed and it was thought the leak was fixed, however it turns out that it was still apparent. Currently, the injector pump has just came back from getting an overhall/rework and the leak is fixed, allegedly, but i can only tell whenever i get more than 250miles out of a tank!

So, maybe the problem lies with that switch, or if this is a common fault, then it's more than likely something leaking/a loose connection with the pump!

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Thank you for your time. I guess yours is fixed. I am ex trade but just looking for an answer here. Yes it is all very awkward to get at and I will be taking the radiator down next so I can see in there better.Do you know how much it was for the pump to be overhauled?

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No I don't know the cost yet, picking the car up tomorrow evening so i'll let you know then!

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Sorry for the late reply. Got the car back. £375 in total <_<

£95 to rebuild fuel pump

£90 for a new alternator the fuel leak had burned out

Couple of hundred labour and other bits such as oil etc.


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