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4Ft 11 Driver


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Well I did see a Focus mk2.5 the other day with a woman and a man who were both 'dwarfs'... I googled that term before using it and I believe that is the correct term to use for people with a medical condition caused by slow or delayed growth... Not trying to be an idiot here...

Although according to wiki it's if they're 4ft 10in or under... so I dunno..unless you get taller 'dwarves' I guess they were like 4ft10 or under..

The guy who was driving I believe had some cushions he just sat on to prop him up. Not sure the legality of any of these things, but yeh, I suppose a 4ft11 person would be fine..

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As above, boster seats if you can't see over the steering wheel. and pedal extensions if you can't reach the pedals 9like those shown in the link below.


My mum has problems with her feet being too small to reach the pedals, so we have carpeted a wooden block and put it in the footwell. works great!

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